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Sl No Details Graduate Attributes  
1 Environment NA VGGFSUNNA
2 Infrastructure Modern tool Usage VGGFSUNNA
3 Lab facilities Modern tool Usage VGGFSUNNA
4 Faculty

i)Engineering Knowledge
ii) Ethics

iii) Communication

5 Project Guidance

i) Engineering Knowledge
ii) Problem Analysis
iii)Design/Development of Solutions
iv) Modern Tool usage
v) Individual & Team Work
Vi) Communication

6 Quality of Support Material NA VGGFSUNNA
7 Training and Placement

i) Individual & Team Work

ii) Communication

8 Library facilities NA VGGFSUNNA
9 Canteen facilities NA VGGFSUNNA
10 Hostel facilities NA VGGFSUNNA
11 Overall rating of the college NA VGGFSUNNA
12 Alumni Association/Networking of old friends NA VGGFSUNNA

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