Home away from Home:

The colourful  campus in Gandhi Engineering College is an  ideal place for the freshers to think freely and  discover.  The highly academically vibrant  environment  is right for grasping knowledge.The hostel facilities in GEC are so impressive that the students get a home away from home feeling. It’s a privilege for the students grow in the ragging free environment. The hostel facilities are so  good at the institution  that  students prefer to call it as their second home. In other words, students enjoy the best hostel life in GEC. Most of the students call it as their unforgettable experience in life.

GEC strongly believe that everyone with the thirst and aptitude for learning should get the  opportunity easily to benefit from such a life-changing experience. GEC offers most affordable fee structure in the region and therefore, attracts a  number of students every year who get admitted to the institution with a dream in their eyes. And, the institution with number of facilities and services, does not disappoint them.

Canteen at GEC

Ask the students about their favourite corner in the college, it will be the college canteen for sure. The students at GEC are no exception. They too love the canteen that only offers  a variety of delicacies but also quietly watches the enthusiasm of the young learners.

The food at the GEC spacious canteen is a gastronomic delight. There are a number of dishes which are traditional to the region are popular with the students. The charming ambience of  the canteen is  just not for grab a bite but also to hang out. Students celebrate their special moments which include birthday celebrations and celebration of placements in the canteen. It is undoubtedly a hotspot for every student. Students also engage themselves in debates and discussion at the canteen.

Rooms in GEC Hostel:

GEC hostel offers spacious rooms that are well lighted and ventilated. The rooms have a calm ambience that help the students to read with complete concentration. Rooms are regularly maintained. All rooms are neat and clean. All rooms have attached toilets that clean as well. The hygienic conditions are taken care of by the supporting staff. The institution ensures that the students grow in midst of a healthy environment.

Culturally Diverse Campus life:

In today’s  increasingly interconnected world, it is essential to  develop cultural competency and embrace differences. At GEC, the diverse student body which comprises of  students from outside Odisha create ethnic and cultural diversity which enrich the campus life of the students, academic programs and campus activities.

Unparallel infrastructure:

GEC has unmatchable infrastructure for the engineering students. GEC maintains a fleet of Fifteen Institution buses plying on pre-scheduled timings to carry the students from various locations of the city to the campus.

Special features:

  • Ragging free environment
  • TV Room
  • Reading Room
  • Library till midnight
  • Health Gym
  • Round the clock net connectivity through Wi-Fi backboned by optical fibre
  • Canteen providing healthy and wholesome food
  • Rooms having attached toilets
  • 1100 students prefers GEC hostels
  • 24*7 Ambulance facility in Campus.