GEC is a diverse community, where students from different states of India study and live together in harmony on the fascinating campus.

We consider the safety and security of the campus members integral to its educational goal. To ensure the same a dedicated team of security officers and personnel has been hired.

To provide the students with a safe and congenial environment, the College ensures:

  • Ragging free campus.
  • Patrolling across the campus.
  • Installation of Fire Safety Kits in all buildings.
  • Separate security staff for hostels to make them a safe for the students and staff

Security Advice to the students

There are certain measures/precautions a student needs to take to ensure that his/her belongings are safe and there is no loss of the property and information. The College cautions students:

  • To lock their rooms and keep all the valuable material in the almirahs (laptops, mobiles, and wallets) provided in the hostels.
  • Not to keep cash in the rooms and instead avail the banking facility.
  • Not to keep ornaments and other valuables in the hostels.
  • Not to give valuables like Laptops, mobiles etc. to strangers.
  • Not to disclose their important information like ATM pin numbers, Bank Account numbers, password of laptops, security codes of cell phones, RMS account etc.
  • To take proper care while using the social networking sites and not to disclose any significant information on public forums.
  • Not to misuse the information provided by other students on the internet, otherwise a strict disciplinary action will be taken.
  • To avoid indulging in any clashes with other students whatever the reason be.
  • To report any unscrupulous phone calls and messages from any unknown numbers to the Warden’s office so as to trace them and resolve the case.
  • To carry the ID cards when inside the campus.