Department of Computer Science and IT, GEC Bhubaneswar

Considered the most sought after discipline of engineering the department is well known for its high quality teaching and learning practices reflected through consistent performance of its students in terms their university results. Backed by splendid computer labs and dedicated, skilled faculty members, the department promises a very rewarding carrer to its students.


  • More than 350 high eneded systems spread over seven dedicated labs including a 30 system each capacited simulation lab and language Laboratories
  • Internet lab supporting computer graphics lab; Operating system lab supporting Unix and Linux ; Software lab supporting C, C++, Java, Oracle etc. and a development centre.
  • Computer Architecture Lab, Hardware Lab, Networking Lab, Optimization Engineering Lab, Algorithm and Analysis Lab are few other labs which cater to the academic needs.
  • 110Mbps Internet connectivity through high-end Internet Web Server, Linux Server, Oracle and Gateway Servers

In order to keep the students abreast of the fast changing technological developments in the field of Software and information technologies and to make them industry ready, the department organizes needbased relevant courses beyond the regular curriculum time to time.

Vision of the Department

The Computer Science and Engineering department of Gandhi Engineering College aims to impart high quality technical education and promote values, so as to empower students to be technologically adept, innovative, self‐ motivated and responsible citizen of the nation.

Mission of the Department

M‐1: To provide engineering graduates a strong theoretical and practical background with an emphasis on software development.

M‐2: To impart engineering graduates the ability necessary to continuous education and to grow professionally in the field of higher education and research.

M‐3: To cater to the technological need of emerging challenges of society and academia in specific.

M‐4: To inculcate professional behavior, strong ethical values, and leadership abilities among graduates.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1:    To Prepare the student for entry into successful employment as software engineer in industry, service, consulting, and/or government organization or for advanced study at leading post graduate school in engineering, business, management, or other technical and non‐technical fields.

PEO2:   To encourage the teamwork skills among the students to design and implement complex software systems, particularly the ability to work with people from other fields in integrated engineering teams and develops the leadership skills for maximizing the performance of those teams.

PEO3:   To inculcate the habit of lifelong self learning and being educated to have the atttude to communicate effectively in professional fields and become an integral part in societal development.

The department has a well established body of CSI…….