Subject-wise Registration and Eligibility to Appear at Examinations

  • All Registered Students of the University have to register for each of the subjects they are required to study before commencement of a semester. Except in the first semester, where a student is automatically registered for all subjects of the semester, a student has to apply to the University in a specified format for subject-wise registration for the term with prescribed fees through his/her college principal. The same will be scrutinized and registration confirmation will be given to the college.
  • A student who has been promoted with backlog (XP) has to register first for the backlog subjects being offered in the semester. During the course of study the students may register in any number of (2nd semester onwards) backlog (failed) subjects of their lower semesters; preference being given to lowest possible semester in addition to the prescribed subjects of that semester.
  • During normal course of study a student may register the backlog (failed) subjects of his / her branch of study of lower semester. After completing the final semester (B.Tech / B.Pharm / B.Arch / MCA), a student may register in any number of backlog (failed) subjects or subjects (having requisite attendance) and attempt to clear them during appropriate semester examinations.
  • The student once registered for a set of backlog subjects cannot change them during the semester. If a student does not secure a pass grade in Laboratory./Sessional subject, he/she has to clear the same as prescribed above.
  • Important Note : If minimum 10 students opt for a particular elective paper (in any semester) at the college level, then this paper should be offered at that college and those students would be allowed for registration of the same.
  • A student shall not be allowed to appear in the Semester examination (including Special Examination of that year) in those particular theory subjects where he / she has shortage in attendance. He / She will be allowed to appear at the theory examinations in other subjects where he / she has no shortage in attendance. The attendance shall be considered from the date of commencement of classes as per academic calendar of the university. The schedule of classes shall be notified through a Time Table before the beginning of the classes in the Semester.
  • Attendance record must be compiled at the time of each class test and the students with poor attendance must be informed through notification. The guardian must also be informed through a letter. Letters must be issued to the student and the guardian before he/ she is debarred for appearing University examination due to shortage of attendance. University has to be informed about the percentage of attendance before starting of examination.
  • Concessions: A student who has been absent for short periods on health ground or due to participation in cultural, sports, other academic / official assignments in the interest of the institution/college/University/government with prior written permission of the head of the institution/college shall be permitted a maximum of additional concession of 10% in attendance and would be eligible for appearing in examination with a minimum of 65% of attendance in a semester. No student shall be allowed to appear at University examination/ Special Examination with shortage of attendance below 65% in any of the registered subjects.
  • A student shall be admitted to any examination in a subject only if he / she has registered for that subject and paid necessary registration and examination fees in the beginning of the semester.
  • A candidate shall be allowed in an End - Semester examination only after he / she is issued an Admit Card for the relevant examination by the College. The college shall obtain written clearance on eligibility from the University.
  • A student who is promoted to the next higher year with backlogs in the previous year shall be permitted to appear at an examination for the backlog subjects, provided he/she fulfills the necessary conditions.
  • A student who has been absent on medical ground may be allowed to appear at an examination provided he/she has attended at least 65% of classes and (i) a medical board and (ii) the Principal, recommended for such relaxation.