Rules for Examinations

  • Each discipline consists of the following four types of items:
    • Theory Items
    • Practical Items
    • Sessional Items
    • Project Items
  • The schedule of these items along with their credit points for each semester shall be as per rules formulated by the Academic Council from time to time.
  • At the end of each semester, there shall be an examination (hereinafter called end-semester examination) conducted by the University as per programme announced at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Back paper examinations, if any, shall be held with the normal end semester examination. Students with backlogs shall clear their backlog subjects along with regular students of lower semester(s) in subsequent year or in the same year if a subject is offered in both semesters.
  • There shall be Special examinations after the final semester examination for 3rd to final semester subjects. Students who have gone through the final semester examinations are eligible to appear at the Special examinations. Students who have appeared at the semester examinations (3rd to final semester) and secured ‘F’ grade in the subjects, are eligible to avail this opportunity to clear these subjects.
  • Students, after completing of final semester examination, can register in any number of subjects (failed) for the Special Examinations. The Special Examination will start after 30th June every year. [There shall be no Re-Totalling / Re-Checking for any subject of the Special Examination]
  • Students who have secured ‘M’ or ‘S’ Grade in any subject(s) are not eligible to appear Special Examinations. However, such students can appear at the Regular Semester Examinations to clear such subjects and if they fail they can appear at the next Special Examinations.
  • The colleges may arrange for special classes, tutorials etc. for such failed students to make up their deficiencies at least for 2 to 4 weeks during May and June.
  • The Special examination shall be held only at selected centres.