Improving high-quality scientific research is a necessary requirement for creating successful applications. The objective of Research & development (R&D) initiatives undertaken by Gandhi Engineering College, Bhubaneswar is to build research careers, internationalization of human potential, support to strengthen the knowledge foundation and promote the creation of new applications, as well as societal impact of education, research and innovation. All education, research and innovation of this Institute should aim to be of a high standard.

The goal of creating technological and social innovations has emerged alongside R&D-based activities. To achieve the high quality research ambience the following policies has been undertaken. A research development cell has been established that will prepare and implement the documents for development of research and development activities within the Institute.

Establishment of Research and Development (R&D) cell:

The Research and Development (R&D) Cell was established in 2008 as per the decisions taken by the Academic Council.

The R&D Cell comprise of the following members :

  1. Dr. M Venu Gopala Rao – Principal
  2. Dr. Pravash Ranjan Tripathy – HOD ECE
  3. Dr. Pradip Kumar Talapatra – HOD MECH
  4. Dr. Jaya Prakash Tripathy – HOD BSH
  5. Mr. Rajanikanta Mohanty – HOD CSE
  6. Mr. Rati Ranjan Sabat – HOD EEE/EE
  7. Mr. Chelaram Jaiswal – HOD CIVIL
  8. Mr. Himanshu Bhusan Mohapatra – Asst HOD ECE
  9. Mr. Satyanarayana Pradhan – ECE
  10. Mr. Lambodar Jena – Asst HOD CSE
  11. Dr. Parameswar Dash – MECH
  12. Mr. Prateek Kumar Dhir – CIVIL
  13. Dr. Bhagyasree Padhi – BSH
  14. Mr. Sandip Kumar Das


The R&D Cell is responsible for assisting the Academic Council in the performance of the Council’s responsibilities in respect of the establishment and promotion of excellence in the Institutes research and development, and academic and research training activities. This includes the development, review and monitoring of achievements under the Research & Development, and those aspects of other university/Institute Plans.