About the library:

Came into existence in the year 2006, the library at GEC, the top private engineering college in Odisha is the heart of this academic institution.  It has been acting as the main information and learning resource centre of the college since its inception. The 600 seated spacious and well illuminated air-conditioned reading room  is enriched with  a  vast array of  services to support and enhance student learning at the campus.

Its main mission is to acquire, organize and provide access to different kinds of information sources which include journal, books etc both in print and electronic forms. The library at GEC offers the conducive atmosphere to the students to build up the habit of self-learning. With time it, has become a great venue for intellectual discourses. Students and faculty members engage themselves in exchange of information .   With time, it has become an important hub of campus life at GEC. Here students without any hesitation, check out books, conduct their research and flip through a magazine. With the availability of internet, students and other learners get quick access to various websites and collect their information.

The library has a wealth of resources. Students quietly go and sit there and study alone. Whether the students require general resources such as  encyclopedias and dictionaries, specialized publications namely field-specific bibliographical guides and indexes, or other references which are unavailable  in electronic formats, students confidently  visit the library to  access non-circulating materials  which they require to complete their projects.


As we all know that a good Library is centre of information to support the teaching and research facility to the students as well as faculty members of any institute. Library provides different  facilities to the user. An enriched library fulfills many objectives. It helps the parent body to attain its objectives. It offers needed information to all its beneficiaries in appropriate time. It also provides internet access to all its beneficiaries. A library in any institution offers current materials that will support and enrich class assignments and projects. The magnificent library in GEC is a storehouse of knowledge.  It amazingly takes the students to a world of information and knowledge. It widens their views and bring them out of  the shallow wealth of knowledge.  It quietly polishes the  personality of the young learners and make them self-reliant.  They quench their thirst for knowledge and curiosity at the library.

Library facilities in GEC:

The well-equipped library sprawling across over 9000 sq.ft. of carpet area at present houses  more than 19703 text and reference books in its calm and tranquil atmosphere.


It also subscribes to 94 numbers of national and International periodicals. Scores of audio visual teaching materials like NPTEL can be found in its collection.


The DELNET feature provides easy access to the best of engineering, business,management,law & legislation and bio-techology related digital resources through subcription to various e-databases.

The learning center provides to access the best of e-journals like IEEE, Wiley – Black well,MC Graw Hill,Elserver,ASTM,Springer,   J-GATE,EBSCO etc