Sl NoDate PublishedSubjectLink
1July 26, 2018Re-checking & re-evaluation notice for Even Sem 2017-18 resultview
2July 19, 2018BPUT notice regarding extension of date Special Examination 2017-18.view
3June 26, 2018Special Exam back paper registration notice 2017-18view
4May 28, 2018Skipping of Subject after the publication of results of Even Semester Examination 2017-18view
5May 28, 2018On-Line Registration for Re-Checking – Re-Valuation after publication of Results of Even Semester Examination 2017-18 (Phase – I)view
6March 24, 2018Regarding downloading admit card for exam (Regular/Back) 2017-18view
7March 17, 2018Re-checking & Re-valuation of 1st & 3rd Sem 2017-18 exam result view
8February 21, 2018Revised Announcement on Fee Waiver for NPTEL Examinationview
9February 20, 2018Registration notice for NPTEL April 2018 certification examview
10February 20, 2018BPUT notice for Even Sem Re-checking and re-valuation 2016-17 (extension of date)view