Research And Developement


Research at GEC

Research and development (R&D) is a prime area of business that needs a great deal of money. However, this field rarely gets enough financing due to the limitations in a competitive market. In order to solve the problem of underinvestment, one needs to understand its causes and available financing options.

The research and development field has two special characteristics that make it stand out among the other investment fields. These features are the reason that makes many investors hesitate before pouring their money into R&D projects.

Among research in all other engineering colleges, GEC enjoys high-end research facility. Research has always been a priority in the institute. The faculty members , apart from teaching the young learners are seriously involved in active research sponsored by numerous Government and private agencies. Other than fundamental research in Science and Technology, time to time correspondence with the corporate sector and industry is also carried out.

Currently, there a number of sponsored research projects which are in different stages of implementation in the institute. Without any argument, GEC claims to be one of the major research houses in the state. The students at GEC participate in undergraduate research projects with the support and membership of the faculty members. They spend more time studying and engaged in academic discussions.They develop closer relationships with professors. Students engaged in research mostly enjoy the close oversight and collaboration with the dynamic faculty.