School of Civil Engineering


Civil engineers are the pillars on which the architectural and industrial development of a country stands strong. To justify their roles in society, these civil engineers must be provided with the best theoretical as well as practical knowledge along with a creative mindset.

Gandhi Engineering College being one of the best colleges for civil engineering in Odisha has the potential to produce such highly efficient civil engineers who can build a powerful future for our country.



Gandhi Engineering College offers various courses of civil engineering consisting of 3 years of diploma, 4 years of b tech in civil engineering, and 2 years of master’s program in Structural engineering specialization.


The civil department is equipped with the most efficient and experienced faculties of various specializations of civil engineering. They take prime responsibility for the development of innovative and problem-solving skills of the students. They focus on practical implementations in the field of the concepts of textbooks during the laboratory sessions which will be helpful for the students in their future job roles.


  • The academic activities are well structured and focused on the understanding of basic concepts and towards enhancing the problem-solving capacity and analytical ability of the students.
  • The department also organizes various techno-cultural programs to encourage the student's creativity as well as co-curricular prosperity. These activities also help the students to improve their organizational skills and nurture team spirit.
  • Along with academic and cultural skills, the students are also encouraged toward prioritizing ethical and moral values which is a highly required life skill in today’s society.These specialties of the department justify choosing Gandhi engineering college as one of the top colleges for civil engineering in Bhubaneswar.


  • The civil department is guarded with well-equipped laboratory facilities for various subjects such as the strength of materials, engineering drawing, surveying, soil mechanics, and transportation which require hands-on experience in the field for future civil engineers.
  • Students are trained with Computer-Aided Designing like AutoCAD and STAADPRO training to cope with the advancement of technology in the field of civil engineering. The planning and designing skills of the students with these tools can boost up their career growth.
  • Along with that, the students can leverage the experience the teaching of subject expert professors from various IITs and NIITs during the guest lecture sessions which can strengthen their fundamentals of the subjects. .
  • A wide range of books and research papers are available in the college library which supports the students for their academic and research-oriented achievements.


After the successful completion of 4 years of academics, the department also ensures appropriate placement of the students in leading industries of the country according to their expertise. With strong academics, the students are also trained with personality development and communication skills which make them stand out in the campus drives. Provided the facts and statistics, Gandhi Engineering College can be considered as the best college for Civil engineering for placements in Odisha.


To emerge as a highly efficient civil engineering graduate program with excellent teaching and research, contributing to the future of the nation.


  • To provide clear and conceptual knowledge of theoretical as well as experimental aspects of civil engineering to maintain the creativity and curiosity of the learners.
  • To encourage critical thinking and innovative problem-solving capacity of the students through various research programs and workshops.
  • To develop interpersonal skills, team spirit, organizational skills for excelling in the upcoming professional career..
  • To produce skilled and efficient civil engineers with strong ethical values to serve society in the best possible manner.