• To organize and conduct different intra and inter college sports and games activities in a disciplined manner among the students.
  • This will help the students to have proper physical fitness.
  • This will also make the students to participate in anticipating, nurturing the environment and lead them to understand, respect individual differences among people in physical settings.


  •  Carom & Chess Competition for 6th and 8th semester -11 Dec to 16th Dec 2017
  •  GEC Badminton League. (Boys & Girls) – 5th jan to 9th jan 2018
  •  Annul Athletic Meet -19th & 20th Jan 2018
  •  Inter college volleyball (BPUT MEET)- 5th feb to 8th feb 2018.
  •  Inter college Basketball(BPUT MEET) -15th feb to 17th feb 2018
  •  Inter college Cricket (BPUT MEET) -21st feb to 24th feb 2018
  •  Inter college Football (BPUT MEET) -5th Mar to 8th Mar 2018.

Member NameMobile No
Sri Rajen Mohanti(Functional Head) 7381054118
Prof. Prasant Kumar Patnaik7381054255
Prof. Sandeep Das7381054230
Prof. Lambodar Jena7381054248
Prof Vikash Ranjan7381054238
Prof. Bighnesh Kumar Sahu7381054131
Dr. Bhagyashri Padhi 7381054146
Mr. Girija Shankar Gadanayak7381054246