The Website Committee will undertake various initiatives to achieve the objectives identified below. Specific activities of the committee will include but not be limited to:

  • Identify strategic initiatives for the website and present to Board for review and approval.
  • Develop a priority listing of desired design and functionality enhancements
  • Identify and contract with appropriate third-party services to update and enhance website design and content
  • Coordinating with other committees in posting relevant information:
  • Review and analyze website statistics with a quarterly report to the Board.
  • Develop a program to review and maintain website – in conjunction with vendors and liaison
  • Special projects as identified by the Board.
  • Maintain records/minutes of all meetings and develop supporting documentation relative to the website.

Member NameMobile NoEmail Id
Prof. Suren Kumar Sahu7381054246suren.sahu@gandhi.edu.in
Prof. Himanshu Bhusan Mohapatra7381054091himansu.mohapatra@gec.edu.in
Prof. Rajnish Lohani7381054284rajnish.lohani@gec.edu.in
Prof. Jagdish Pradhan7381054107jagdish.pradhan@gec.edu.in
Prof. C.Karan7381054229chakradhar.karan@gec.edu.in
Prof. Priyadarshinee Behera7381054285priya.behera@gec.edu.in